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In 1980 Dr. Seybold graduated from the University of Debrecen in Hungary with a medical doctor degree. By 1984 she was board certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. After immigrating to the United States in 1986, she began focusing on research. Starting in 1987 till 1992 Dr. Seybold worked at the University of Miami Mount Sinai Medical Center prestigious Pearlman Research Institute. In 1995 she completed Occupational and Environmental residency program at Yale University in New Haven, CT.  After returning to Florida, Dr. Seybold became fully licensed and practices preventive, occupational, and environmental medicine in urgent care and family practice centers in South Florida. She is member of American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Florida Medical Association, Broward County Medical Association, and American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.


Dr. Seybold continues to have passion for research and teaching. She held Preventative Medicine Faculty status till 2009 at Nova Southeastern University and received her board certification in Aesthetic Medicine in 2010.  Her research interests include the protective effects of antioxidants in the airways, cellular level interactions, cellular stress, and most recently her research focus is in the field of applied basic science in the area of regenerative medicine.  


Dr. Zsuzsanna Verebelyi Seybold is a diplomat of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and author of numerous articles in the area of antioxidants effects on the airways. Her ten years of bench research observations lead to the idea of epidermal self- regeneration presented in a video film. Her most recent article can be found in the Americal Journal of Aesthetic Medicine Issue 4 regarding Platelet Rich Plasma and it's role in rejuvenation.

Dr. Zsuzsanna Seybold MD

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